Jobs are the bread-and-butter of Final Fantasy III. While the first Final Fantasy featured several different classes to chose from, and II featured characters with pre-built stats, III was the first game to have jobs: Classes with defined roles that the party members can switch between.

The mechanics of the job system change slightly between versions: In III, jobs are measured on an axis of Law vs Chaos and Physical vs Magical. The difference in number between the two jobs then gets another subtracked from it: This number being the target job's job level divided by 10. Where the games zag is how this formula is used: The Famicom version uses a capacity system, with points being used to switch jobs. The remake, desiring a level of commitment to each job, has the job adjustment phase: a period of battles in which the base stats are lowered by 12.5%.
The Pixel Remaster opted to remove all penalties.

Original Jobs

The jobs that the protagonist start as. The 2D versions starts them as four identical Onion Knights while the remake uses the more aesthetically distinct Freelancers.

Onion Knight:


Wind Crystal Jobs

The first set of jobs that the protagonists get, either by defeating the Land Turtle in the Altar Cave (2D) or the Djinn in the Sealed Cave (3D). The remake moves the Thief job here from the Fire Crystal.


Black Mage:

White Mage:

Red Mage:


Thief (3R):

Fire Crystal Jobs

The second set of jobs, acquired after defeating Salamandar in the Molten Cave. Some of the less conventional jobs start showing up here, though a bit awkwardly placed given how soon the next batch shows up.




Geomancer (3R):

Water Crystal Jobs

The third set of jobs, attained after defeating Kraken in the Cave of Tides. All of these jobs become more prominent on the surface, with specialized towns.




Dark Knight:

Earth Crystal Jobs

The fourth set of jobs, unlocked after defeating Titan in the Labyrinth of the Ancients. They primarily consist of upgrades to existing jobs, although they themselves become obsolete in Eureka in the 2D versions. The 3D versions, to balance the physical/magical ratio of the Water Crystal, moves the Black Belt job here.

Black Belt (3R):




Eureka Jobs (2D)

The final two jobs. In the Famicom version they are won defeating Scylla and winning the Elder Staff. In the remake, they were both nerfed and moved to the Earth Crystal.